Our Farm follows organic practices; however, we are NOT USDA-certified organic.
It depends on where you shop and which brand you buy -- we are usually right in the ballpark on pricing. Of course, if you take into account the travel cost, time spent, and the impulse items you didn't really need at that time, you'll save money in the long run with Thatcher Farms home delivery.
No, do you not have to be home. However, you must purchase a Thatcher Farm insulated box; or, leave out a personal cooler. If there is no cooler, your Driver will not leave the delivery. Unfortunately, milk begins to spoil at 40° Fahrenheit- we hate seeing delicious products go to waste! We are not responsible for frozen and/or cracked bottles of milk, especially during the winter months. In the most frigid temperatures, you have less than thirty minutes to bring the milk inside before the bottle may expand and crack.
Never! Our Farmers do not believe in them and they will never use them.
The milk has a 14-day code stamped on the product and should have no problem lasting if handled correctly. 35-37 degrees is recommended (temperature is what hurts the shelf life of all dairy products).
Yes! Thatcher Farm reuses all of our glass milk bottles, so when you are finished, just give it a quick rinse and then leave it in your cooler. Our bottles are cleaned and sanitized in a bottle washer before being refilled. They make an average of 50-60 trips to the doorsteps of our valued customers. All bottle caps can be recycled, so they do not need to be returned.
No. Our products and service keep our customers coming back!
We accept credit card and check.
This is a weekly delivery service. You are assigned a specific day of the week depending on where you are located. You may use your online account to cancel a specific delivery day. 
Yes, we have a minimum order of $10 per order, which does not include the $3 delivery fee. 
Yes, there is a delivery fee of $3 per delivery.
A standard or recurring order is an order of the staple products you need delivered each week. You can add additional items to that order before 11:30 PM the night before delivery. It is great knowing you always have your essentials coming in case you forget to order! 
No, unfortunately we do not have a storefront or offer pick-up at this time. We kindly ask that you do not show up to the Farm as we are doing our best to practice our COVID-19 safety protocol. Please checkout a list of our awesome retailers who carry our products!



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