Home Delivery

Just wait until you taste the fresh milk from Thatcher Farms. You'll know the difference between supermarket milk and the farm fresh, glass-bottled milk that we deliver to your home.

thatcher farm home delivery
Delivery right to your door

Discover the freshness, ease and convenience of Thatcher Farm home delivery.

Why Home Delivery?

  • Convenience. With over 100 dairy, meat, dessert, bread and other products, Thatcher Farms Home Delivery truck is like a convenience store on wheels. All the items are delivered to your door or other specified place.
  • glass milk bottle
    Glass milk bottles keep milk fresh!

    Economical. Saves you time and money. No contracts.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Glass bottles are reusable. Other packaging is recyclable. And home delivery saves gas and emissions.
  • Safe. Choose our insulated metal container to help keep foods cool all day, or use your own.