thatcher farm signOver 100 Years of History, with a Tradition of Quality Service Thatcher Farm has been a family owned and operated business since 1891.

The Manning family has been delivering quality milk and dairy products in Milton and neighboring communities with pride. Today that history continues with the dairy and office located exactly where it has been for over 115 years. Thatcher Farm is located on the edge of the Thatcher Plains, on part of land granted in 1869 to Milton's first resident minister, Rev Peter Thatcher.

Back Then

In the 1880's, the Mannings settled on Thatcher Street. They and all their neighbors had a "family cow".

horse drawn cart delivering milk
Horse Drawn Cart Delivery

By 1891, the neighbors had jobs that conflicted with a twice/day milking-they sold their cow and purchased their milk from a Thatcher Farm horse drawn wagon.

The advent of pasteurization in the 1920's brought the total demise of the family cow and the beginning of the family milkman and home delivery service from a truck.

Thatcher Farm delivery truck
Thatcher Farm Delivery Truck

From the 20's until 1963, Thatcher Farm had 250 cows, milking, processing and delivering all from the Thatcher street location. Fields on private estates around Milton were used for growing silage corn and hay, both used for feed. The silage corn was stored in one of six silos and the cows housed in one of seven barns on Thatcher Street.

Development of the Town in the 50's and 60's made continuing that operation unfeasible as neighborhood density increased.

Thatcher Farm Today

milk box and milk
Fresh Milk Delivered To You

Today our farm fresh milk in glass bottles arrives from a family farm in North Haverhill, NH. The part that has not changed is the commitment to deliver the finest products.

Aerial view of farm
Aerial View of Farm

Baby cow
Baby Cow

Farm work
Work on the Farm